We are please to announce that Craftbukkit is now available for Minecraft 1.4.2 and can be install on your server at any time by running the bukkit install in your TCAdmin panel. Please bear in mind this is a development build and is not recommended for daily or regular usage, but it should be stable enough from our testing for your usage. Please be sure to update any and all plugins on your server as soon as possible to avoid any extra potential errors from the usage of this build of bukkit.

We will be updating the build of bukkit on our servers on a daily basis before 12PM EST on a daily basis until a stable build of craftbukkit is made available by the developers. If you would like to manually update bukkit on your server to the cutting edge development build as our servers will lag roughly a day behind, feel free to check the development side of

When uploaded, make sure to name the file "bukkit.jar" and have your server stopped while uploading.

We will provide another update when Craftbukkit has been released as stable and if any complications arrive in the meantime.

Thank you again for supporting Velocity Servers.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

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